Polar Bottle Half Twist water bottle review

Water bottles are such a utilitarian piece of gear that it’s hard to imagine how anyone can improve upon what has already been done. But Polar Bottle has managed to do just that with the new Half Twist lid. The Half Twist is basically a spill-proof sippy cup like you drank from as a toddler (only an adult version.) To drink, you never have to take the lid off. Simply half-twist the lid, take a swig, then half-twist the lid back up to seal. The fact that the Polar Bottle Half Twist is so easy to drink from, it’s become one of my favorite new water bottles.

Polar Bottles Half Twist water bottles.

In my job, I drive a lot. I also bring a water bottle everywhere I go. But drinking and driving (just water of course) can be dangerous if I have to let go of the steering wheel for an extended time to take off a water bottle lid. Then, if I hit a bump, water can spill out of the wide-open mouth of standard bottles, soaking the front of my shirt. With the Half Twist from Polar Bottle, all these concerns are gone. It takes less than a second to twist the lid half way, and there is no spillage while drinking. A small hole in the lid provides a steady stream of water that’s similar to drinking from a straw.

The unique Half Twist cap on the stainless steel Polar Bottle.

In the outdoors, the Polar Bottle Half Twist is equally convenient. The bottles fit snug into backpack holders, and the lids also feature giant loops for clipping to climbing harnesses or pack straps with a carabiner. The 28-ounce stainless steel bottle is made of really thick 18/8 stainless steel that is ultra-durable, resists denting and is non-corrosive.

If you prefer to drink from plastic, the Polar Bottle Half Twist has you covered there as well. The 24-ounce Half Twist Light bottle is made of HDPE plastic #2. It’s a lightweight yet durable alternative to the stainless steel version.

At first, the Half Twist bottle take a bit of getting used to. It’s become habit to give lids a full twist or two, but doing so with the Polar Bottle will result in leakage. The Polar Bottle really only needs a half twist. That being said, you need to find the sweet spot for the lid to work perfect. And sometimes, the lid doesn’t work at all. When this happens, I’ve found that twisting the bottle closed tight, then half twisting again will make it work properly.

This may be due to the technology inside the lid that allows water to pour out, but not spill. It’s a ring of plastic that can be removed for easy cleaning. In fact, all the parts of the Polar Bottle are dishwasher safe.

To see the Polar Bottle Half Twist in action, watch this demonstration video.

So if you’re looking for a new water bottle that flat-out works better, then give the Polar Bottle Half Twist a look. It takes some practice to get it right, but when your half-twisting hand is dialed, there’s no better water bottle lid in the market.

For more information, or to purchase a Half Twist bottle, visit Polar Bottle online.

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