Vanessa Aadland skis Superior butt naked

Have you heard the tale about a girl who skied Mount Superior butt naked? The story has been all over the Internet the past few days as a picture of pro skier, Vanessa Aadland, has been making the rounds. The image shows her standing atop Superior, arms spread, with no clothes (save an avalanche beacon – safety first.) Many questioned whether she really skied the south face in the buff. Others accused her of not really skiing from the summit, while most applauded her for such a brave and gutsy move.

Vanessa Aadland atop Little Superior, just before dropping in. Photo: Vanessa Aadland.

Well Vanessa has spoken and the whole truth is out. Yes, she did ski Mount Superior in the nude. No, it was not from the summit, but from the top of Little Superior. Yes, she did have all the required safety gear in her backpack, which she wore on the descent. No, there are no full frontal images. Yes, it was cold.

Vanessa says she was inspired to ski Superior nekkid in honor of her fallen ski heroes like Shane McConkey and Ryan Hawks. Plus, she just wanted to have some fun in the sun. 

The proof is in the powder. Vanessa Aadlans makes tuns in the buff. Photo: Vanessa Aadland

 The entire trip report is on Vanessa’s website, which you can read at There much more to read about her motivations, the reactions she got from the ski community and her family, as well as more pictures which prove that the story you heard, about the naked lady skiing Mount Superior, is really true.

2 comments for “Vanessa Aadland skis Superior butt naked

  1. Arlene Aadland
    July 4, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    The Aadland maternal name is sadly shocked at Vanessa’s behavior. What a cry for
    help and attention. Vanessa just has not received parental guidance.
    We would very much prefer she be known a Vanessa Nicon and not Aadland.

  2. Lil Jimmy Norton
    November 4, 2014 at 12:09 pm

    I’d like to tap dat ass

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