Dote on your dog with D-Fa Dog, EzyDog, and PeakWaggers at Summer Outdoor Retailer

Any dog owner attending Summer Outdoor Retailer could quickly see it was dog friendly. The pet product market is growing in response to this general feeling that dogs aren’t just dogs; for many of us they are our children and they go everywhere with us. Which is why I wanted to look at some standout products I found at the show.

Dog jacket from D-Fa Dogs.

D-Fa Dogs launched 3 and-a-half years ago and comes from New Zealand. To quote their gear guide, “We don’t believe in making dogs look like babies or fairies…..We believe in gear that’s befitting the noble, bone-chewing….endlessly loyal creatures that we simply call dog.” Unlike most dog jackets, theirs cover the elbow joints and chest, to maximize coverage of where dogs get cold. Beginning this fall REI will be carrying the “Ice-Barker”, made of merino wool and is rarely stinky because merino is a natural anti-microbial. This jacket is perfect for cold days, camping overnight, and simply just keeping your dog warm. Adventure dogs do whatever we want without whining, so we might as well dote on them.

EZDog Harness.

EzyDog began in 2003 in Sandpoint, Idaho, when Luke Hatcher was working in the watersports industry. He saw a need for more durable and functional dog products. Hatcher first designed the “original shock absorbing leash” and had an amazing response from the community and is selling in 18 different countries. This fall EzyDog will have a convertible harness on the market. Pet owners can add side pouches to the harness and remove them when not in use. Currently EzyDog is available in independent pet retailers and online.

PeakWaggers backpacking meals for dogs.

And as any backpacker knows, if you got to pack it in so should your dog. Which is why I stopped by and saw one of my favorite booths, PeakWaggers and MoMo the Burmese Mountain dog. PeakWaggers is gourmet dog meals that are lightweight, compact, and my favorite, waterproof. Gayle Brooks originally designed these meals for her dogs in Nederland, Colorado. PeakWaggers offers various meals made from beef, chicken, vegetables and other yummy nutritional products. All you have to do is rehydrate the meal with 8 ounces of water. Meals like Chicken Pawmesan, Dog-Gone Cottage Pie, and Barkin’ Beef Barley Stew can even be eaten by you if you ruin your meal…but your dog may get mad. Order here.

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