Clif Bar Gary’s Panforte review

Clif Bars have been ubiquitous with outdoor recreation for decades now, and they continue to offer some of the most flavorful, nutritious bars around. In fact, they’ve been slinging bars for 20 years. In celebration of their big anniversary, Clif Bar is releasing a limited edition flavor called Gary’s Panforte.

A look at the new limited edition Gary's Panforte Clif Bar, in celebration of their 20th anniversary. (Photo: Jared Hargrave -

You already know the backstory of Clif Bar, and if you don’t, then you never ate one because it’s written right on the wrapper. Basically, Gary Erickson, the CEO of Clif couldn’t stand the taste of other energy bars and had an epiphany while on a 175-mile bike ride. That eureka moment led him to create his own bars and Clif Bars were born. Funny though, that the wrapper features a rock climber seeing as how a bike ride was the inspiration.

Well, bikes are getting their due on Gary’s Panforte as this limited edition bar was inspired by cycling adventures on the Passo di Gavia in Italy. The flavor comes from an 800-year old Italian recipe that features fruit, nuts and spices. I threw a few Gary’s Panforte in my pack on my own bike adventures in Draper’s Corner Canyon, and got to taste this new creation.

A closer look at the packaging of the new Gary's Panforte Clif Bar. (Photo: Jared Hargrave -

At the top of Clark’s Trail, I broke open the wrapper and noticed right away that the bar looks different from other Clif Bars. Rather than a mashed-up brick of stuff, Gary’s Panforte has more whole food chunks such as nuts like almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts. A bunch of dried fruit is also packed into the bar like figs, pears, and raisins. Upon taking a bite, I was very happy to find that the flavor is downright amazing as the spices are pretty powerful. Cinnamon and nutmeg are dominant, and make the bar taste like a Christmas cookie in a way.

Nuts, fruit, and spices give Gary's Panforte Clif Bar a nice texture and great flavor. (Photo: Jared Hargrave -

Overall, I really liked the new Gary’s Panforte Clif Bar. It tastes delicious and healthy, which is a good thing as I’ve always thought other Clif Bar flavors are too sweet. Gary’s Panforte is a nice mixture of sweet and spicy that doesn’t make you feel like you’re eating candy during healthy pursuits like bike riding.

Gary’s Panforte will be available in May, 2012 and will be around while supplies last. I recommend you stock up when you see them at the store, because they are limited edition and will likely be sold out quick.

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