Brooks Range Mountaineering offers new down bags and tents at Outdoor Retailer 2012 Summer Market

Brooks Range Mountaineering always has awesome stuff to show at Outdoor Retailer, and this year’s Summer Market was no exception. They have some new tents coming out in the near future, but the big news is the release of what they’re calling a the Cloak Sleeping Bag, featuring the new DownTek water-resistant down technology.

The Brooks Range Mountaineering Cloak Sleeping Bag on display at the Outdoor Retailer 2012 Summer Market. (Photo: Jared Hargrave –

The Cloak Sleeping Bag is basically a bag without the bottom. Instead, it’s more of a down blanket with a pocket at the foot to keep it secure to a sleeping pad. This minimalist, lightweight cloak can be paired with any sleeping pad. Since it’s half a bag, there are no zippers, and therefore no “mummy” squished-inside-a-tube feeling. The bottom of the cloak has a short pocket that a sleeping pad slides into, and also keeps your feet from slipping out into the cold.

TheBrooks Range Cloak has a lower pocket for a sleeping pad to slide into. (Photo: Jared Hargrave –

The Cloak also has an impressive weight-to-warmth ratio with the use of 850 fill down that has been treated with DownTek water-resistant technology. It will come in three different versions based on temperature rating, and I can see how this will become very popular for summer campers who don’t like feeling boxed into a normal sleeping bag. However, if it’s below freezing, I’ll pass on the Cloak and snuggle into my mummy bag, thank-you-very-much.

The Brooks Range Stubai Tent is a lightweight shelter held up by a single pole. (Photo: Jared Hargrave –

On the tent side of things, Brooks Range presents the Stubai, a pentagon-shaped, lightweight, single pole shelter. This minimalist’s dream is held up by one adjustable aluminum pole that goes in the center of the tent, which can be switched out for your trekking pole for even less gear to carry around on a backpacking trip. The Stubai is a single wall tent and weighs only 3 lbs, 3 oz with the pole (2 lbs 6 oz without the pole) and has 85 square feet of interior space. The tent is made with 1.20d Nylon fabric with a PU/Sil treatment, has ceiling vents, and taped seams for use in all weather conditions.

Both the Cloak and Stubai will be available Spring 2013.

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