2012 Outdoor Gear Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again, when Christmas is almost here, and you haven’t found that perfect gift for the outdoor gear lover in your life. Your gnarly friend or family member is surely in need of something awesome, or perhaps you’re shopping for your loved ones and can’t figure out what to buy. In either case, we here at UtahOutside.com have some ideas for you before resorting to last-minute shopping, or maybe it’s even something you’ve been looking to buy for yourself. Either way, below are our picks for the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide:

Wicked Audio Deuce Earbuds

2012 Outdoor Gear Guide includes the Wicked Audio Deuce Earbuds. (courtesy image)

Let’s face it, some of us go outdoors to get away from the noise of modern life, and others of us can’t stand to be away from their tunes. For those who have music pumping into their ear canals 24/7, even while hiking/biking/skiing, then the Deuce Earbuds from Wicked Audio are a killer stocking stuffer.  Dubbed “earbuds for the outdoors,” these stylish music-delivery systems are light weight and fit into your ears without falling out despite rolling through the rompus room we call outside.

I’ve been using the Deuce Earbuds mostly on runs, and was most impressed with the noise isolation of these little guys. Everything, even cars, were just about silent, making my morning soundtracks clear as a bell. Other features include 3 cushion options for a personalized fit, and 10 different color options. Plus, they’re very reasonably priced at $9.99.

Check them out at www.wickedheadphones.com

ColdPruf Eco-Terra Base Layers

ColdPruf Eco-Terra base layers. (courtesy image)

Kids hate getting underwear for Christmas, but adults love it.  I’ve recently discovered the ColdPruf Eco-Terra base layers to be the ultimate long underwear, with waffle styling (like when I was a kid) but with tech features like a  70/30 Poly/Merino wool blend.  Both the tops and bottoms have a close-to-the-body fit, and performance moisture and odor protection features for less than $30 per garment. Plus, the polyester staple fibers for both garments are made from recycled PET bottles.

Get ’em at www.coldpruf.com

Clean Ethics Bottle Bright Cleaner

Bottle Bright bottle cleaner from Clean Ethics. (courtesy image)

We’ve all been there – you’re trying to clean your old, favorite water bottle, but you just can’t fit your hand all the way inside. There are tricks, sure, like wrapping an sponge around a fork to get to those hard-to-reach-places, but it can be a pain to remove. What to do? Get yourself or your loved one some Bottle Bright. According to the company, Clean Ethics, Bottle Bright is a safe, effective, and convenient product for cleaning difficult to wash containers.

Bottle Bright are tablets that dissolve in warm water. You simply put one into your bottle, fill it up, and loosely screw on the cap. Let it sit for a bit, shake it up, and viola, the inside of the bottle is just like the day you bought it. The tablets are made from ingredients that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and chlorine-free. It’s another good stocking stuffer for the outdoor recreation fan in your life. For more, visit www.cleanethics.com

Ocean Minded Imua Lace-Up Boots

The Imua Lace-Up Boots from Ocean Minded (courtesy image)

Everybody needs some new comfy kicks for Christmas, especially something that can be worn right then and there on Christmas Day. The Imua boot from Ocean Minded is just such a shoe that is warm, and as comfortable as slippers. I’ve been wearing them around the house on cold mornings, and while out walking the dogs. Although these moccasin-style boots may look like some rugged winter boots, they’re not. These are lounging shoes to keep your toes warm while kicking back by the fire with beer in hand.

Features include: nubuck leather outers, wool and felt linings, contoured footbed made from Croslite™ material consisting of 5% reused scrap material, rubber content outsole, and natural cork absorption heel insert. Basically, they’re as green as you can get short of wearing shoe boxes on your feet. To get yours or to buy them as a gift, check them out at www.oceanminded.com

Clif Bar Seasonal Flavors

Clif Bar Seasonal Flavors (courtesy image)

Peppermint Stick, Spiced Pumpkin Pie and Iced Gingerbread. Can Clif Bars get any more tasty? Honestly, I wish these flavors were available year round, but alas, they are for the holidays only. Well, if you know anyone like me who is head-over-heels for these special release Clif Bar flavors, you might as well get them a box, or two, or three for Christmas before they are gone until next year.

Get ’em at www.clifbar.com

Montana Fly Company Flask

What’s prettier, the fish, or the flask? Montana Fly Company purtys up their liquor holders. (courtesy image)

It’s a flask. It’s has a fish on it. It’s awesome. Got a fly fisherman in your life? Then they will swoon right into their Whooly Buggers when they rip the wrapping paper off this dandy container.  It comes in several different fishy designs and can be purchased at www.montanafly.com.

Hint: it’s an even better gift if filled with a favorite libation… just sayin.’

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