Friday video: “The Burn” from Salomon Freeski TV

This week’s Friday Video comes from Salomon Freeski TV, and it’s one of the very best in the entire series, ever. Salomon has taken a page from Sweetgrass Productions with their latest ski-movie short titled, “The Burn.” It’s a damn poetic, visual feast as two skiers shred powder through a burning… well… smoldering forest. Add in a mythic-sounding male voice as narration, along with a rocking soundtrack, and you’ve got a ski movie that is elevated far above the typical stoke-fueled ski porn. It’s just a video you’ve got to see for yourself.

Salomon Freeski TV has stepped up their game, and I hope they continue to make such original, visually stunning movies that elevate ski porn to art.

To watch the entire series of Salomon Freeski TV shorts, head on over to their YouTube page.

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