Friday Video: “KSL Outdoors: Fly fishing the Weber River”

For years we’ve intended on featuring fly fishing articles on, but it’s been a challenge to find writers who not only write, but are avid fly fishermen (or women) in Utah. So it’s with great relish that we bring you this week’s Friday Video, titled “Fly Fishing the Weber River.” This clip comes from the KSL Outdoors Show. Full disclosure: I work at KSL as a videographer and shot this fly fishing episode. So, of course, this is the best episode ever.

Video still from the KSL Outdoors show "Fly Fishing the Weber River." (Image: KSL TV)

Video still from the KSL Outdoors show “Fly Fishing the Weber River.” (Image: KSL TV)

The episode features access issues on the Weber, and how a new program is allowing anglers to cross private land to reach Utah’s streams. This Walk In Access Program is a good deal where the DWR pays landowners to lease their property for the public to hunt, fish or trap on their private property. Along with this, there’s also fishing, tons of fishing on the Weber that ends with a cookout where we enjoy the catches of the day. Your’s truly even makes a cameo appearance at the end. So all you fly fishers out there, check out the clip below, and be sure to tune into KSL Outdoors every Saturday night at 11pm.

For more information, or to watch other episodes, head on over to and the Outdoors Page.

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