Future ski yurt in Wasatch backcountry?

Utah has the best ski terrain and snow quality in the country, but when it comes to backcountry huts, we’re sorely behind other states. Sure, we have  a spattering of yurts in our mountains, but when compared to the 10th Mountain Division hut system in Colorado, Utah’s backcountry shelters might as well be plywood forts built by 12-year-olds in an irrigation ditch down the road. Simply put, we need more. Well if the stars align, there may be a new backcountry ski yurt in the Wasatch.

Could there be a new yurt like this one in the Wasatch's future? (Photo: Jared Hargrave - UtahOutside.com)

Could there be a new yurt like this one in the Wasatch’s future? (Photo: Jared Hargrave – UtahOutside.com)

There are very few details about this mystery yurt. All we could find out about it was that Bluehouse Skis posted a survey on their Facebook page saying that friends of the company are trying to turn this project into reality. There is a short survey online with six questions about what you like to see in your backcountry yurts.

You can take the survey here.

We certainly hope this is true, because Utah could really use a better hut/yurt system, and with so many people now participating in backcountry skiing, there will be a greater need for overnight accommodations in our remote mountains.

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