Hanz Waterproof Tap-Knit Touchscreen Gloves review

Electronic devices, especially touchscreens, are basically a part of life now. Even us outdoorsy folks who tend to askew such things while recreating, still rely on our phones to take photos of landscapes and friends. But between choosing the shot or keeping those fingers warm on a cold day, the phone tends to stay in a pocket. But with the new Waterproof Tap-Knit Touchscreen Gloves from Hanz, such dilemmas are a thing of the past.

We review Hanz Tap-Knit Waterproof Touchscreen Gloves. (Photo: Jared Hargrave – UtahOutside.com)

Hanz Waterproof Tap-Knit Touchscreen Gloves feature:

  • Tap-Knit Technology – touchscreen-compatible
  • Palms covered with abrasion-resistant grip dots
  • Low-bulk, stretch-to-fit construction for dexterity and tactility
  • Seamless design for comfort without annoying ridges and pressure points
  • Grip dots omitted at tips of thumb, two fingers for smoothest touchscreen operation
  • Every glove is pressure tested to ensure it has no leaks

I’ve been testing the Hanz touchscreen gloves in the Wasatch and have found them to be warm on chilly days, but not terribly warm if the mercury drops below freezing. But they are not really meant for skiing or other snow-specific activities – think more along the lines of fishing, paddling – anything that could get your hands wet.

Grippy palms and fingers mean no slippage when holding things like trekking poles. (Photo: Jared Hargrave – UtahOutside.com)

Through the course of testing, I did neither of those things, (too busy skiing) but I did go on some winter hikes. On one hike in particular, the morning temperature was in the mid-20s, and my hands stayed warm. I brought along trekking poles for stability on an icy trail, and the grip dots really kept the handles in place with absolutely no slippage.

I also appreciate how snug the gloves fit. Without any bulk, it was easy to unzip jacket pockets or manipulate pack straps.

Giving the Hanz Tap-Knit gloves the faucet test. (Photo: Jared Hargrave – UtahOutside.com)

Water just beaded up and rolled away after the faucet test. Hanz certainly knows how to make a pair of waterproof gloves. (Photo: Jared Hargrave – UtahOutside.com)

But they are waterproof, so I had to test that out, right? Without any cold-weather fishing trips on the horizon, I went for the faucet test. I turned on cold water in the bath tub and stuck my gloved hand right in. Water just slipped off the glove like my hand was covered in oil. Taking my hand out, what water remained beaded up and rolled away. Impressive. My hand stayed perfectly warm and dry.

Testing out the Tap-Knit technology on an iPhone. Hey, it works! (Photo: Jared Hargrave – UtahOutside.com)

Of course the real highlight of these gloves is the ability to use your touchscreen devices without taking the gloves off. On that count, I am seriously impressed. Often touchscreen gloves on kinda-sorta work. But these Hanz gloves work all the time. Every button press and swipe had immediate results. The only gripe is that when texting, the fingertips are still too bulky and I found it difficult to zero in on individual letters. Maybe they are better for tablets if you need to type. But for checking apps, or taking photos, the gloves worked fine.

One caveat though – the gloves worked great on my iPhone, which does not have a screen protector. But when I tested the gloves with my wife’s phone, which does have a screen protector, the gloves still worked, but less so. It took a few taps to get apps to open and such. Something to keep in mind.

The Good: Absolutely waterproof. Grippy fingers and palms are nice. Snug fit. Tap-Knit touchscreen feature works… mostly.

The Bad: Tap-Knit worked less well if phone had a screen protector.

Final Word: If you insist on using your devices while participating in cold water sports, then these are your gloves.

To purchase, visit HanzUSA.com

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