Compilation of Alta “Snow and” videos by Sweetgrass Productions

As I write this, Alta closes in two days for the 2016/17 season. That makes me sad, because Alta is such a special place and it bums me out knowing that I must wait seven long months before I get to ski there again. Alta is almost sacred in a way, and throughout the season, a series of videos have been released that conveys that sense. The series is titled “Snow and” and each video features a person (or dog) who has made Alta their home. All five of these edits embody what makes skiers fall in love with this place.

Still frame from an episode of Alta’s “Snow and” video series by Sweetgrass Productions.

“Snow and” was produced by Sweetgrass Productions, and if you are familiar with them, then you know the quality of production they bring to every project. The cinematography, editing and music all come together to create ski videos that strike an emotional chord. This series is no different. With the final video about Alta General Manager, Onno Wieringa, just released, I’ve compiled each episode here. Watch them all and maybe you’ll fall in love with Alta as much as I have.

Personally, I like the Onno video the most. Who knew he’s retiring after this season (basically on Sunday?) There ought to be a party.

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