Kuhl Interceptr Vest review

A warm core is a happy core, and a happy core is a comfortable body. A vest is the most versatile way to keep your core temperature warm and regulated, whether it’s the dead of winter, or a chilly summer night. Lately I’ve been wearing the new Kuhl Interceptr Vest for everything from spring skiing at Alta, to tailgating and even hanging out at home.

We review the Kuhl Interceptr Vest, a vest with Alfpaca performance fleece for a variety of outdoor adventures. (Photo: Callista Pearson –

The Kuhl Interceptr Vest features:

  • ALFPACA GOLD™ fleece
  • KASHMIRA™ side panels
  • Micro fleece interior collar
  • Low bulk seams
  • Zippered front chest pockets

In the past, my younger self considered vests to be for “old men” meaning I thought they didn’t look cool. Well I could not have been more wrong. Maybe it’s because I’m now in my 40’s, or because actually putting on a vest one day made me realize how valuable they can be for keeping comfortable outdoors. A vest is low volume, allows for unlimited range-of-motion, and helps regulate body temperature in high-output activities.

I put the Kuhl Interceptr Vest through the paces while spring skiing at Alta. Used as a mid-layer over a merino wool shirt and under a thin shell, I was perfectly warm dive-bombing the cruisers. And when exerting myself hiking Mount Baldy, I would take off the shell and stay totally cool wearing just the vest. This piece breathes very nicely, and the Kashmira side panels add to the effort. Next season, I’m totally going to add this vest to my backcountry-skiing gear arsenal as a high-output mid-layer for working out in the skin track.

Hiking up Mount Baldy at Alta, I stayed warm, yet cool with the temperature-regulating Kuhl Interceptr vest. (Photo: Mason Diedrich)

Off piste, I loved to continue wearing the Interceptr Vest while tailgating in Alta’s Wildcat lot. Chilly breezes didn’t penetrate to my core, and the vest was just the right amount of warmth on a sunny, 40-degree day where a jacket would have been overkill.

As summer approaches and the jackets are stashed into the winter closet, I’m going to keep the Interceptr on hand. Morning hikes in Mill Creek Canyon, sitting by a fire while camping in the Uinta Mountains, or riding a townie bike downtown while bar hopping on a chilly summer evening – there aren’t many scenarios where I can’t imagine the vest won’t come in handy.

Other features about the Interceptr I like are the zippered chest pockets. They are the perfect size for stashing a cell phone, and the pockets are snug enough to keep my phone from flopping around while recreating. The materials are also top notch. High-quality zippers, a very soft feel to the Alfpaca Gold fleece, and a clean look and fit all make this vest appropriate for not just outdoor recreation, but also everyday wear at work or at home.

The Good: Soft fleece feel, breathable, good range-of-motion, warm (but not too warm) looks good, quality construction, versatile.

The Bad: I have zero complaints.

Final Word: After wearing a vest this spring, I am convinced that every outdoor enthusiast should have one. And you won’t do much better than the Kuhl Interceptr Vest for year-round core insulation and overall performance.

Of course, Kuhl is probably best known for their mens outdoor pants, so click the link and take a look at their offerings. They definitely make my favorite trousers for outdoor recreation.

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