Corkcicle Waterman Canteen and Tumbler review

Hot water and cold coffee; no thanks! The two beverages that I consume the most of are constrained by the temperatures at which they are served. The market is full of products that claim to keep your drinks at the perfect temp for enjoyment, but not all of them deliver. I’ve been putting the Corkcicle Canteen and Tumbler to the taste test for the past few months; are they among the fakers, or can Corkcicle keep your favorite bevy in the sweet spot? Let’s dive in to the results, starting with the Canteen.

The Corkcicle Waterman series Canteen and Tumbler were tested in the 16oz version. Matte black color for maximum stealth drinking. (photo: Ryan Malavolta/

Corkcicle Waterman Canteen: These babies are made with triple insulated stainless steel, and have a very simple and modern look to them. Style is not something I expect when it comes to a water bottle, but if it’s part of the package than why not? A screw-on cap seals on top of the wide mouth bottle, which I’m happy to say can definitely fit an ice cube. The bottle features flat-grip sides, and they do make the Canteen easier to grab a hold of compared to a completely rounded shape. There is a rubber ring on the bottom that keeps that Canteen grounded on any surface. Yes, the Corkcicle Canteen looks nice, and has some solid features, but did it really keep my drinks cold for 25 hours as the company claims?

A rubber ring on the bottom helps keep the bottle from sliding around slick surfaces. (photo: Ryan Malavolta/

You bet it did! I was quite impressed with the Canteen’s ability to keep my agua icey. Even a hot car interior was no match for the triple insulation. On a recent trip to Zion NP, I left the Corkcicle bottle in the car while temperatures soared near triple digits. Twenty-four hours later I returned, cracked the cap and took a big swig: delightfully cold! A great alternative use for the Canteen is to fill it with your favorite summer cocktail; you will finish your drink of choice before there is even a hint of melted ice or warming. Cheers, indeed.

A closer look at the lid on the Corkcicle Tumbler. (photo: Ryan Malavolta/

Corkcicle Waterman Tumbler: Coffee is essential for me to get my day going, and I always prefer mine hot. Enter the Tumbler with the promise of keeping my caffeinated drink warm for at least three hours. The numbers are legit; even back in early spring my java stayed warm for more than the claimed time. The Tumbler features the same triple insulation as the Canteen, as well as the easy grip design and non-slip bottom. The lid is made of clear plastic, and the slide mechanism works like a charm.

Both the Canteen and Tumbler are cupholder-friendly, and ready for road tripping. (photo: Ryan Malavolta/

My only beef with the Waterman Tumbler is the claim of the lid being spill-proof. It does not screw on to the bottle, and once or twice I dropped the Tumbler and had the lid come partly off. Drink spilled, tears were shed. This is the only claim I could debunk for either the Tumbler or the Canteen; everything else works as advertised.

The Good: Corkcicle Waterman series keeps drinks hot or cold for the claimed times.

The Bad: The Tumbler’s no-spill lid may actually spill when dropped.

The Verdict: If you need reliable beverage transportation for any occasion, the Corkcicle Waterman series has you covered in style.

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