GCI Outdoor Packseat review

We all place a different value on comfort in the outdoors. Some folks forgo tents to lighten their backpack load. Others play the part of pack mule in order to ensure they have all that they could desire while enjoying nature. Hell, my SUV is loaded like I’m moving out of state when I’m really just rallying for two nights of car camping. What price are you willing to pay to have a place to rest your weary bones after a long day? The Packseat from GCI Outdoors might be the perfect answer: lightweight, low price tag, and just comfortable enough for almost any occasion.

Simple, bomber, and packable: The Packseat is deserving of a (very small) spot on your next adventure. (photo: Ryan Malavolta/Utahoutside.com)

The Packseat is eminently stowable (thus the name). When folded up and stored, it’s about the size of an adult forearm, and checks in at just 1.3 lbs. I was wrong to think it would be flimsy. The Packseat can support up to 250 lbs of human body, thanks to the aluminum frame and Reinforcement Panel near the bottom of the stool. Setup is super easy: just remove the seat from the tote bag, let the Shock-Cords snap into place, fold out the legs and BOOM! You’re sitting in style, amigo.

My judgement is that the Packseat is sturdy enough for almost anyone. I used it mainly in the ski resort parking lot at the start of the day to put on my boots, and then again to change out of my boots and enjoy a frosty beverage. The seat never buckled or dumped me out while I wriggled around and stomped into my snowboard attire. Comfort is a bit of a different story.

The Packseat isn’t the most plush chair in the world, but it is tough to beat its versatility. (photo: Jess Holzbauer/Utahoutside.com)

The Packseat is sturdy and stowable, but comfort is the factor that had to give to pull the equation off. This isn’t the type of chair you are going to kick back in for a few hours of relaxation. There is just enough room to fit an adult backside on, and the durability of the Packseat also translates to rigidity. Your booty might be a bit numb after an extended sitting period. Of course, anyone that is expecting ultimate comfort from the Packseat is probably looking at the wrong genre of chair.

The GCI Outdoor Packseat clips right to a belt loop, but is also small and light enough to stash in your pack. (photo: Jess Holzbauer/Utahoutside.com)

Overall, the Packseat is perfectly suited for a myriad of outdoor duties. Bring it to the resort, as I did, for apres enjoyment and easy boot-swapping. Throw it in your backpack (at 1.3 lbs it’s really not a stretch to do this) to enhance your backcountry comfort. Hunting and fishing jump out as perfect times to bring the Packseat along, as well. The chair comes with a carry strap and carabiner loop, which makes toting it on your next outing a cinch. I keep mine in the back of the truck, so it’s on hand for wherever I end up. It won’t compare to your grandpa-style lounge chair at home, but you’d be hard pressed to find a more useful little seat for when comfort comes at a premium.

The Good: GCI Packseat is affordable, sturdy, and sized for travel.

The Bad: A bit lacking in the comfort department.

The Verdict: $25 price tag, packable, easy to use, and built to last- the Packseat is a solid addition to anyone’s outdoor gear collection.

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