Lander Moab phone case review

Don’t let your smartphone get too hot. Don’t let it get too cold. Don’t lose it in the dark…and for Ullr’s sake DON’T DROP IT! There are far too many rules when it comes to our precious phones, but Lander is a company that can help to bend, if not totally break, those rules. Can a phone case really protect your gadgetry, stop it from melting on your dashboard and keep the music blasting when it should be a frozen brick? I’ve been testing the Lander Moab case since the powder was waist-deep to find out.

Even with the Lander Moab case on my iPhone, it still tucks easily into jeans and shorts pockets. (photo: Ryan Malavolta/

The Moab Case promises extended battery life in the harshest of conditions. This is achieved via Lander’s use of Thermoline technology (a thin layer of material designed to help insulate against extreme temperatures). Lander claims a range of effectiveness from 0-120 Fahrenheit; protection that spans the entire calendar. My first impression of the case was good- a very slim profile with modern styling and no garish logos or colors. Lightweight and sturdy-feeling, the case features “crush zones” intended to keep your little precious safe from damage associated with an outdoor lifestyle.

A closer look at the Thermoline technology on the inside of the case. This is the primary reason that Lander cases can extend battery performance in extreme weather. (photo: Ryan Malavolta/

Lander says the Moab case is built “for the modern explorer… and those determined to test the limits.” And test those limits I did! When I first began using the case, the temps were freezing and the snow was stacking up. During the entire winter season, my phone never bricked on me once. I thought perhaps it was just good fortune; maybe the Moab case wasn’t really the reason my music never ceased. However, after conferring with friends on many a frosty day, I discovered that their phones had indeed shut down from the cold, while for me, the band played on. I have to say that Thermoline technology is legit; my phone definitely maintained battery life longer in cold conditions with the Lander case than without.

Summer testing was a bit of a mixed bag. I never had battery life issues, but I also didn’t really expect to. I wanted to know how extreme of a heat the Moab case could handle. I plopped my phone on my dashboard day after day, no matter what the mercury was reading. My phone didn’t overheat…until July. The case is rated to 120 degree temps, but I found a combination of 95+ degrees and direct sunlight would cause my phone to shut down on the regular. No, I would not normally abuse my gadgets like that, but I had to see if the Lander Moab case had limits. It does.

The Moab phone case has a modern look, and access to buttons and camera lenses isn’t restricted at all. (photo: Ryan Malavolta/

Despite the summer shut-downs, this is an overall solid phone case. The styling is sleek, the buttons remain easy to access, and the Thermoline technology really does extend battery life. The case also features reflective detailing that makes it easy to find in the dark. Lander even includes a lanyard for those of you who are prone to misplacing your most precious tech item. And what about the most important part of a phone case, you know, it’s ability to withstand abuse? Rest assured that the Moab case has no trouble there. Whether I was ragdolling down Wasatch slopes, or just tossing it in my backpack, my phone was safe and sound.

The Good: Moab phone case extends battery life in harsh conditions and is strong enough for outdoor use.

The Bad: Moab case meets its match against 95+ degree heat and direct sun.

The Verdict: The Moab case legitimately extends battery life in bad weather, can take a beating, and looks good doing it. This is first class gadget protection.

Lander reached out after publication of this review to let us know that they are launching a new line of packs: the Lander Carry System. They are skipping the middleman and selling packs direct to customers via Kickstarter. You can see a video breakdown of what the new packs will look like right here:

We hope to get a closer look at the new lineup in the next few months, and see if these backpacks are as tough as the Moab phone cases.

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