Q Energy Drink review

I have long cast a sideways glance upon “energy drinks”. The multitude of beverages lining store shelves are generally nothing more than fruit-flavored sodas. But, as much as I loathe them, I find myself downing them at least a few times a month. I’m not talking about the stuff that comes in a can (pure garbage), but the “sporty” drinks that come in plastic bottles. They taste quite delicious thanks to the copious amounts of sugar they contain. I remain unconvinced as to what actual positive effect they are having on my body.

Three flavors, no BS. Q Energy manages to not only be good for you, but tastes great as well. (photo: Ryan Malavolta/Utahoutside.com)

Chances are, they’re doing nothing for me but adding inches to my waist. Fortunately for me, I recently discovered Q Energy drink. It may sound like hyperbole, but this stuff has changed my entire hydration game. Q is not only tasty, but has legit benefits: it’s made from actual fruit and vegetables! It contains vitamins! It’s low in calories! And best of all, it contains a very small amount of sugar. Sound too good to be true? If you’re ready to have your whole idea of athletic drinks blown out of the water, read on.

Read the ingredient label on your go-to energy drink. Betcha bottom dollar it’s filled with various gums and the always interesting “artificial flavors”. Oh, WILD CARD! Now, check out the nutritional info. It probably doesn’t look too terrible, right up until the moment you read how much sugar is in there. 21 grams for a 355ml serving? Yeah, you’re drinking a cola. Hey, I love cola as much as the next guy, but anyone who doesn’t understand how bad it is for you deserves the waistline they’re rocking. I mention this as a juxtaposition to what Q Energy drink contains:

• Quercetin (a natural compound derived from fruits and veggies)
• Herbal Extracts (Ginko biloba and ginseng amongst others)
• Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D3 and E
• Stevia leaf (for sweetness without the calories)
• Organic cane sugar
• Natural caffeine (derived from coffee beans for a little pick-me-up)

The serving size is one packet. I mixed mine at a ratio of 24oz of water per packet. And how does this fancy-pants, healthy plant-based drink taste? Awesome! No lie, I was hooked after the first bottle. Q Drink comes in three flavors: lemon lime, wildberry, and orange. That’s the order in which I personally rank them, but they all taste great. But taste aside, this stuff has actual benefits that make it well worth drinking.

I bet your usual energy drink doesn’t read like this. Q delivers enough vitamins to put the pep back in your step after a long night at the pub…trust me, I experimented. (screen capture from www.qdrinkhealthy.com)

The first several times I drank Q, I can’t say I noticed much a difference in my energy level or physical performance. But a backpacking trip to the Uinta Mountains changed my outlook. After a sweaty six mile hike, I downed a bottle of Q and…BOOM! I was back on my feet, feeling hydrated and ready for more miles. Once I felt this positive effect, I began using it as a pre and post workout drink. Chugging it before hikes, after the gym, and after a long night of hanging out around the campfire have all become part of my everyday routine. Because it only contains 3.5g of sugar PER BOTTLE, I never hesitate to take a swig.
If you can’t tell, I love this stuff. I don’t like writing reviews where all I do is sing the praises of a particular product, but in the case of Q Energy drink I can’t help myself. This drink tastes great, and is filled with natural ingredients that really do boost your energy and overall performance. If you’re looking to put down the plastic bottle athletic drinks and change your hydration routine, put Q Energy on your short list.

The Good: Tasty, low calories (15 per packet) and boosts energy.

The Bad: You’ll run out too quick.

The Verdict: Anyone looking for a performance drink made from natural ingredients should give Q Energy a try.

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