Utah ski conditions update: 02-07-18

A sleeper pow day came to the Wasatch after a dry start to February, and it made a huge difference for the Cottonwood Canyon resorts. What’s a sleeper powder day? It’s when the snow reports say they only received five inches of snow, but when you get there it skis much deeper. Such was the case at Alta and Solitude on Tuesday. Utah ski conditions should remain good through the rest of the week after this refresher.

Alta Ski Area

Utah ski conditions

A sleeper powder day at Alta where 5 inches of snow skied much deeper.
Photo: Rocko Menzyk Photography
Skier: Bodhi Jahmb

Alta reported 4 inches in 24 hours. But as you can see in the photo above, it was a sleeper pow day. This happens often at Alta. That is total make 6 inches in 48 hours, and 149 inches YTD. Even though Alta is working with a 60-inch base, the resort is practically 100% open with great skiing everywhere.

Solitude Mountain Resort

Over in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Solitude also reported 4 inches of snowfall in 24 hours on a 49 inch base. 122 inches YTD, but just like Alta, I’m surprised at how good coverage is overall and the groomers are ripping.

With the warm temperatures northern Utah is experiencing for February, the skiing has been comfortable. I’d say it’s perfect for families as kids tend to stay out longer when they are warm. Take advantage of this freaky winter and make some turns.

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