Video: Pow Stash

Mike Debernardo rides on one of his favorite trails in the video Pow Stash.

Today’s Friday video has nothing to do with skiing, and has absolutely nothing to do with powder, yet this killer, self-shot mountain biking video from friend of Mike DeBernardo, is for some reason titled “Pow Stash.” Strange choice of…

Video: The Turning Point

Video still from The Turning Point featuring Chris Akrigg.

Think you’re a good mountain biker? Think you can even call yourself a “mountain biker?” Well, unless you quite literally ride your bike down the side of mountains like Chris Akrigg, then no, you cannot. But “The Turning Point” is…

“Pedal-Driven” screening at Brewvies

"Pedal Driven" is screening at Brewvies Cinema Pub. (courtesy image)

A new mountain bike documentary, called “Pedal-Driven,” is screening at Brewvies on Sunday, May 20th. “Pedal-Driven” is not your typical mountain bike movie, but is a film about conflict. Outdoor recreation is filled with conflicts – conflicts between user groups,…