Get mountain weather to go at NOAA website

Skiers and snowboarders across the state probably have more knowledge about the forecast than most people, since their favorite winter hobby revolves around the weather. We keep our eyes glued to the television when there is a big storm coming, in order see if the local weather man will bless us with the words we all long to hear.

The North Face Odyssey Softshell Jacket review

The search for a good resort-skiing jacket can be a tough one. Skiing in-bounds is an unusual workout since it’s all about charging hard down the mountain (and getting sweaty), then sitting on a lift (getting cold), over and over again. The start/stop activity causes problems with body-temperature regulation, which then fuels an internal debate over what to wear on a given day. Is it a fleece under hardshell kind of day? A baselayer with softshell day?

Mountain biking Fruita’s Kessel Run (video)

As a continuation of yesterday’s post about mountain biking in Fruita, Colorado, here is a helmet-cam video of what we all considered to be the highlight of the entire trip. Kessel Run. Located in the Bookcliffs area of Fruita on 18-Road, Kessel Run is a rush. Although it’s not technically difficult, it still forces you to hone in on your bike-handling skills on countless twists and turns through a banked creek bed