Black Diamond Orbit Lantern review

Lanterns have long been an integral part of campsites for generations. Like the crackle of a campfire, the hiss of a gas lantern embodies the experience of spending the night outside. But gas lanterns are large, heavy, and require fuel, making them inappropriate for long backpacking trips. As a result, headlamps are a preferred source of light for backpackers. Although they’re great for setting up a tent or making dinner in the dark, headlamps don’t create the warm, glowing atmosphere that a lantern provides.

Mountain biking The Bobsled

The Bobsled, a wild descent from the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, is a semi-technical series of rutted single track, stream beds, banking turns, jumps, obstacles, low-hanging branches, and several abandoned cars. Any mountain biker will tell you it’s is the only way to ride down between City Creek Canyon and Dry Creek as Bobsled is a sort of test piece for the Bonneville Shoreline. Talk to a fellow biker about riding above Salt Lake City, and they will always ask if you’ve tried Bobsled.