Utah ski resort improvements for 2009-10 season

All 13 Utah ski resorts will have new upgrades to show off to visitors for the ’09-’10 ski season. SkiUtah.com compiled all of the improvements and changes that have been made during the off-season, that will give skiing tourists and locals alike a memorable experience when they come to enjoy Utah’s world-famous powder. In addition to improvements to Utah’s resorts, there is also a huge improvement for Utah visitors in the form of re-vamped liquor laws, but that’s another story. Below is a list of all the ski resort upgrades, courtesy of Ski Utah.

‘The Edge of Never’ film review

“The Edge of Never” is the story about Kye Petersen. Kye is the son of extreme skier, Trevor Petersen, who died in 1996 while skiing the Exit Couloir on the Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix, France. The idea was take Kye to that place, where the boy would ski the slope that took his father’s life. There is a mythological plot at work here, about a young man who dares to ski the labyrinth of snow and ice that killed his father. “The Edge of Never” is also a story about family, despite that fact that it’s taking place amidst the carnival of big-mountain skiing.

Dogs in the Woods in Mill Creek Canyon

There isn’t much in life that’s happier than watching dogs run free in the woods. Before being let loose, they remain calm on their leashes, yawning in anticipation. But as soon as the sound of the leash unclicking is heard, they’re off, bounding wildly into the brush, neck and neck like racehorses as they playfully bite each other’s legs and roll over one another along the way.

Black Diamond Orbit Lantern review

Lanterns have long been an integral part of campsites for generations. Like the crackle of a campfire, the hiss of a gas lantern embodies the experience of spending the night outside. But gas lanterns are large, heavy, and require fuel, making them inappropriate for long backpacking trips. As a result, headlamps are a preferred source of light for backpackers. Although they’re great for setting up a tent or making dinner in the dark, headlamps don’t create the warm, glowing atmosphere that a lantern provides.