10th Annual Antelope Island Buffalo Run

Buffalo graze near the last mile of trail as runners approach the first line. (Photo: Casey Cranor)

What is the proper response when a buffalo charges you? Most people have never thought about it. March 21st 2015 marked the 10th Annual Antelope Island Buffalo Run put on by founder and race director Jim Skaggs. The increasingly popular…

Clif Organic Energy Food review

Clif Organic Energy Food comes in four varieties - Banana Beet with Ginger,
Banana Mango with Coconut,
Pizza Margherita, and
Sweet Potato with Sea Salt. (Photo: Jared Hargrave - UtahOutside.com)

Sick and tired of energy bars or gels while recreating? Well, so are some Team Clif Bar athletes who worked with the company to concoct new Clif Organic Energy Food. These meal pouches feature unusual flavors not usually associated with…