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Going deep in Garden City Canyon

Down by Dusk - Mason and Adam traverse race the sun to reach the camper before darkness falls. (Photo: Jared Hargrave - UtahOutside.com)

Wanderlust can cause a backcountry skier to not only travel in many different places, but also travel farther than what would normally be prudent. The urge to see just over that ridge, or peer around the next corner can turn…

Skier foray into the Bear River Range

Mason Diedrich finds that crescent curves lead to happiness in the Bear River Range. (Photo: Jared Hargrave - UtahOutside.com)

WANDERLUST – Definition: “a strong desire for, or impulse to wander or travel.” The definition is apt, as I’ve had a strong impulse of wanderlust lately. Backcountry skiing is a nice way to tamp down any feelings of wandering, but…