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Trailer: Places to Go – A Jim Harris Story

Still Frame from the film "Places to Go: A Jim Harris Story"

It’s been eight months since Utah-based outdoor photographer, Jim Harris, set out to traverse the Southern Patagonia Icecap using skis and traction kites. That trip would leave him paralyzed. While testing his kite, a gust picked him up then slammed…

Patagonia presents “Defined by the Line”


A new short film about a Utahn’s mission to save the Bears Ears area of southeastern Utah has recently been released by Patagonia. “Defined by the Line: The Fight to Protect Bears Ears” is about rock climber Josh Ewing, and…

“Pedal-Driven” screening at Brewvies

"Pedal Driven" is screening at Brewvies Cinema Pub. (courtesy image)

A new mountain bike documentary, called “Pedal-Driven,” is screening at Brewvies on Sunday, May 20th. “Pedal-Driven” is not your typical mountain bike movie, but is a film about conflict. Outdoor recreation is filled with conflicts – conflicts between user groups,…