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Hiking Mount Van Cott

Lucy discovers that Mount Van Cott is a pretty fun hike for dogs.

Mount Van Cott is an unassuming mountain with a summit elevation of 6,348 feet that looms over the University of Utah, directly behind University Hospital and the Huntsman Cancer Institute. While Mount Van Cott is small in stature, it’s still…

Learn to Telemark in the Wasatch

Shaun Raskin Telemarks in the Wasatch. (Photo: Lance Koudel)

Have you ever sat on a chairlift, watching the snow covered silhouette of a skier arch graceful and harmonious Telemark turns as though they were dancing with the mountains? If that mountain gypsy got you thinking “I wish I could…

Hiking Mount Wire

Defunct passive microwave repeaters occupy a space very near the summit of Mount Wire. (Photo: Jared Hargrave - UtahOutside.com)

Mount Wire is a steep but pleasant hike that’s great for a quickie, outdoor adventure. This small mountain overlooks the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, which means for urban dwellers, Mount Wire is conveniently close, and can be…