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Hiking Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus as seen from the middle of the Salt Lake Valley. Hiking the trail gets you to the top of Summit Peak, the high point on the right.

Mount Olympus. The name just oozes mythology and ancient history. But our Mount Olympus is not the god-inhabited peak of Greek lore. Instead,  it’s an annual tradition for some of us to lace up the hiking boots and climb atop…

Video: “The Deepest Season”

Still from "The Deepest Season"

We here at UtahOutside.com are not professional ski movie makers like Powderwhore Productions, or flat out artistic geniuses like the folks at Sweetgrass. But we do like to whip out the video camera from time to time while traveling and skiing…

Hiking Mount Aire in Mill Creek Canyon

Signs lead the way on the Elbow Fork Trail to Mount Aire.

Mount Aire is a large peak located between Mill Creek Canyon and Parley’s Canyon in the Central Wasatch. At an elevation of 8,620 feet, the mountain provides good views of Utah’s northern mountains as well as the jagged summits that…