Tag: Utah

Hiking Mount Tuscarora

Tuscarora's summit viewed from the ridge. The foot trail can be seen in the bottom left of this photo. (Photo: Ryan Malavolta - UtahOutside.com)

Here in Utah we are living the good life: numerous top-notch ski resorts are just a short drive from northern cities and towns. When the powder flies, just point your car up a canyon and you’ll get to the goods.…

Hiking to Cecret Lake

The hike to Cecret Lake in Alta's Albion Basin will afford you this amazing view. (Photo: JaredHargrave - UtahOutside.com)

Need a fast hike in the high alpine that’s kid friendly, has amazing scenery, and ends at a gorgeous jewel of a mountain lake surrounded by wildflowers? Cecret Lake in Alta’s Albion Basin has all that and more. All you…

Hiking Sugarloaf Peak

The final summit ridge on Sugarloaf Peak proves to be an easy hike. (Photo: Ryan Malavolta - UtahOutside.com)

Want to get high the easy way? Settle down, Ziggy Marley, I’m talking about elevation. As in, over 11,000′. Sugarloaf Peak is a great way to bag a big peak with minimum effort. Along the way you’ll see vibrant wildflowers,…