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Friday video: One Day at Snowbasin

Screen grab from the video "One Day at Snowbasin" by Ken Lucas.

By now, you’ve all probably recovered from the epic snowfall we had in Utah a few weeks ago, unless you skied at Snowbasin. No other resort got hammered quite as much as Snowbasin, where over three feet of powder dumped…

Friday Video: Feel the Love

Freeze frame from the video, "Feel the Love" by Brett Korpela.

If you’ve ever wondered what it might feel like to have the greatest job in the world, then you’ve got to check out this week’s Friday Video, “Feel the Love.” That greatest job is being an Alta Ski Patroller, and…

Friday Video: Steelhead and Spines

Still frame from "Steelhead and Spines," this week's Friday Video from the Provo Brothers of Utah.

You got to hand it to Utah’s own Provo Brothers, boy do they know how to shoot purty ski videos. Their latest is this week’s Friday Video, “Steelhead and Spines.” Our local heroes head north to Alaska in search of…