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Video: All is Well in the Swell

Scrren grab from the video, "All is Well in the Swell" by Mike DeBernardo.

Don’t pull out those skis and put the mountain bike away just yet! There’s riding to be done in Southern Utah, and friend of UtahOutside.com, Mike DeBernardo, took advantage of the fall weather in the San Rafael Swell. Of course…

Video: Adventure is Calling

Utah Adventure

A stunning video was posted on Vimeo recently. It’s one of those timelapse deals with scenic landscapes and an impossibly brilliant night sky. We’ve all seen them, but Shane Black has upped the ante with his video “Adventure is Calling.”…

Video: Snowbird Ski Patrol

Still frame of the video Snowbird Ski Patrol. (Courtesy Image)

It’s not often that you can see a commercial for a ski resort featuring nothing but the ski patrol, but in this week’s video, the Snowbird Ski Patrol takes center stage. Of course the terrain, snow, and yes, explosions are…