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Video: Snowbird Ski Patrol

Still frame of the video Snowbird Ski Patrol. (Courtesy Image)

It’s not often that you can see a commercial for a ski resort featuring nothing but the ski patrol, but in this week’s video, the Snowbird Ski Patrol takes center stage. Of course the terrain, snow, and yes, explosions are…

Friday Video: I-Street with Carston Oliver

Screen grab from the video, "I-Street with Carston Oliver."

The I-Street dirt jumps in Salt Lake City have been the source of controversy, and are even being threatened by possible construction of water tanks. But these homemade dirt jumps have caught world-wide attention from professional bike riders and filmmakers.…

Friday Video: Weak in the Knees

Screen shot from the video "Weak in the Knees" by Andrew Muller.

Maybe it’s withdrawals from skiing, but this week’s Friday Video is, yes, a ski video. With June on our doorstep, and Memorial Day come and gone, it’s pretty much summer here in Utah and I should just let go and…