Salomon Rocker 2 ski review

There is a ski model out there who’s name is being whispered in the halls of skidom. They are long-awaited boards that promise to bring powder-floaty-happiness to face shot seekers the world over. It is the sequel to the legendary Salomon Rocker, and this reborn version is aptly named the Rocker 2. The ski designers at Salomon have spent a long time perfecting this creation, and it’s a totally different beast from its predecessor. After getting my hands on a pair, I skied the Rocker 2 at Solitude and got a taste of what everyone can expect when they are released in ski shops this fall.

Salomon Rocker 2 powder skis with twin tip rocker

After the very first run, I decided that I hate the Salomon Rocker 2. I hate them like a teenage girl hates the prom queen because that crowned floozy is so damned perfect. Therefore, I hate the Rocker 2 because they too, are perfect. How can anybody like a ski that has no flaws, no blemishes, and nothing to complain about? What fun can be found in skiing something that reacts just the way you ask, when you ask. Is it possible to love skis that have no surprises? Can you commit to skis that float too well, turn too smoothly, and crush the hard mountain while remaining light weight and stable?

Testing out the Salomon Rocker 2 at Solitude. Photo: Daniel Kovach

Such is the Rocker 2. The wide profile underfoot and twin rocker tips and tails plane atop powder as if deep fluff were actually a smooth surface of water. Skiing the front side at Solitude was downright boring on the Rocker 2 as they sailed along without a care and desired something more – something deeper and steeper. Happy to oblige, I brought them to Parachute, where deep snow piles on a high-angle east face. The Rocker 2 found its home. These skis crave snow that will swallow you if lesser skis were underfoot. The honeycombed rocker tips seek the top of the snow, and the soft flex makes them a joy to land off rock jumps in Honeycomb Canyon, and play with natural features on Evergreen Peak.

Namesake rockered tips of the Salomon Rocker 2

All over the mountain, these massive powder skis were on the hunt. In every condition, even groomers, these guys could handle it. Considering how big these skis are, I was surprised at how versatile, quick, and maneuverable they could be. Salomon managed this by reducing weight in the tip and tails, thereby reducing the “swing weight” when you turn. Those honeycomb, edgeless tips are responsible, and they work.

On hardpack and groomers, the Rocker 2 are still fun to ski. They are damp, and have enough sidecut to get on edge when returning to the bottom of the lift via corduroy. Plus, a bit of standard camber keeps them lively when snow gets hard.

Specs underfoot on the Salomon Rocker 2. Ski it and weep.

Don’t hate the Salomon Rocker 2 because they are beautiful. It’s not their fault. Blame Salomon’s design team for building a ski that this reviewer can find nothing negative to say about.

So if you’re in the market for some new powder skis, then I suggest you save your money until the Salomon Rocker 2 graces ski racks at gear shops this fall. When they are unleashed, they’ll be available in the following sizes: 170 (137-115-127), 180 (139-115-129), 184 (142-122-132) & 192 (144-122-134).

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  1. August 29, 2011 at 11:58 am

    Been wasting endless hours trying to decide on a powder ski for this winter. Think i’ve just made up my mind!!! Thanks for the review.


  2. Tom
    November 17, 2011 at 10:36 am

    This ski is a fun machine – see my review in german:

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