Hiking Ensign Peak in Salt Lake City

View of Ensign Peak from Vista Mound, a short hike just above downtown Salt Lake City. (Photo: Jared Hargrave - UtahOutside.com)

There aren’t many cities in the U.S. where you can hike a mountain right in downtown, but Salt Lake has several trails that originate on the urban periphery. One of the most historic, notable, and perfect-for-a-short-getaway is Ensign Peak. At…

Alite Designs Monarch Chair review

The Alite Designs Monarch Chair review on the shores of the Colorado River in Cataract Canyon.

Multi-day backpacking excursions generally require you to sacrifice comfort in return for a lighter pack. One of the first things to stay at home is the camp chair. But with the Alite Designs Monarch Chair, you don’t have to rely…

Rafting (and hiking) Cataract Canyon

Rafters on the bucking bronco of Cataract Canyon's Big Drop Rapids. (Photo: Adam Eakle)

Cataract Canyon: even the name is legendary. The Powell expedition of 1869, led by John Wesley Powell, was the first to explore this very remote, uncharted section of the Colorado River, and Cataract Canyon remains remote to this day. Located…