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Backpacking 101: What to put in your pack

Come rain or shine, with a pack full of the essentials, you'll be ready for anything! (Photo: Ryan Malavolta/

You just purchased a sweet new pack from your local outdoor shop; you have a four day weekend ahead of you, and you know exactly where you want to spend it. But what do you fill your backpack with? Which…

Thule Versant 70L backpacking pack review

Giving my best "blue steel" look with the Thule Versant 70L on my back while skinning up to the Geyser Pass Yurt. (Photo: Sean Zimmerman-Wall -

Backpacking season is here in the desert, and the mountains will be without snow in a few short months. Time to shop for a new backpacking pack! I’ve been using an old pack since the early 2000’s and it has…