10th Annual Antelope Island Buffalo Run

Buffalo graze near the last mile of trail as runners approach the first line. (Photo: Casey Cranor)

What is the proper response when a buffalo charges you? Most people have never thought about it. March 21st 2015 marked the 10th Annual Antelope Island Buffalo Run put on by founder and race director Jim Skaggs. The increasingly popular…

Register now for RAGNAR Trail Zion

Shot of the yellow loop at last year's RAGNAR Trail Zion.

It’s time to start training for RAGNAR Relays! If you’re like me, then you’ve run the RAGNAR Wasatch Back a few times already and are looking for something new. Well, how about a trail-running RAGNAR at Zion National Park? The…

A loopy journey on Mount Timpanogos

The many colors of Mount Timpanogos in the fall on our nearly 20-mile run. (Photo: Dave Zook)

At around 10 p.m. I received an invite from my friend Adam Fabrikant for a run the next morning on Mount Timpanogos. Adam is a fierce mountain goat, and while he may hesitate to use those words exactly, he shows…