Kiva Walk makes footprints across Utah

Driving on the most desolate stretch of Highway 6 between Price and Green River over Labor Day Weekend, a strange vision lumbered in the distance. What looked like a large moose through waves of desert heat clarified into a man pushing a pack-filled cart as we sped closer. He was  followed by another man carrying a large backpack. The cart held a sign on the front with the words, . . . across America.  

Jonathon Stalls walking across America for Kiva Walk on Highway 6 between Green River and Price.

We stopped to investigate and discovered that the man with the cart is Jonathon Stalls, and as the sign indicates, he’s walking across the United States to raise awareness about Kiva, described as, “the world’s first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend to unique entrepreneurs around the globe.” Jonathon’s walk is meant to support Kiva in its noble cause by educating the public and encouraging people to join the organization as members.

Basically how it works is Kiva asks people to lend ($25 or more) to an entrepreneur in another part of the world. This directly affects and empowers borrowers in other countries to be able to purchase the tools they need to start a small business, farm, or store, allowing them to support their families and communities. When the business takes off and makes money, the loan is repayed with interest.

Jonathon and the man with the pack, his cousin Matt, both looked hot and exhausted, not surprising considering what they were doing. Jonathon started in Delaware on March 1st and was making his way through Utah on his way to the end of the journey in San Francisco. They were currently trudging through some of the most challenging country of the trip, with hot sun, little shade, and many miles between towns to rest and refuel. It truly looked like an epic outdoor adventure.

Jonathon Stalls and his cousin, Matt making their way to Price, Utah.

Jonathon invites people to join him along the way. He’s always happy to meet interesting new people and would be happy to have the company. As he makes his way through the deserts of Utah and Nevada, he’ll need a lot of help from locals for water and food drops in the middle of nowhere. Here’s his anticipated schedule for the rest of his time in Utah:

UPCOMING ROUTE (estimated):

9/7 – 9/12

Tuesday – DAY OFF Price, UT
Wednesday – Price, UT – Price Canyon, UT
Thursday – Price Canyon, UT – Hwy 6 & Skyline
Friday – Hwy 6 & Skyline – Thistle, UT (general area)
Saturday – 15 + miles in Salt Lake City, UT
Sunday – Santaquin, UT – (near) Mona/Nephi, UT

9/13 – 9/24

Monday – (near) Mona/Nephi, UT – 1/2 Leamington, UT
Tuesday – DAY OFF (Provo/Nephi)
Wednesday – 1/2 to Leamington, UT – Leamington, UT
Thursday – Leamington, UT – Delta, UT
Friday – DAY OFF: Delta, UT (water dropping!)
Saturday – DAY OFF: Delta, UT (water dropping!)
Sunday – Friday – Delta, UT – Ely, NV (144 miles) – avg: 20 miles a day (Border Inn – UT/NV)

Jonathon and Matt were friendly guys who, despite being tired and windblown, were in good spirits and seemed very enthusiastic about the experiences that await them down the road. I’ll even admit to feeling a little jealous after wishing them luck and continuing my drive in the opposite direction, leaving them in the rear-view.

For more information, to read Jonathon’s blog, track his progress, or learn how to join Kiva, visit his website at


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  1. September 16, 2010 at 8:11 am

    Hey I saw these same guys on Highway 279 outside of Moab the week before. I was curious but hadn’t thought to stop and ask what they were doing. Thanks for doing so!

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