Recover Apparel: help save the Earth and look good doing it

I never considered that plastic bottles might keep me warm, let alone be part of my camping attire. As it turns out, eight plastic bottles = the magic number used to create the hoodies in the Recover Apparel lineup. A sweatshirt made of plastic bits; that should be real comfortable I thought in my most sarcastic internal dialog voice. Actually, the hoodies ARE really comfortable, and their socks are pretty sweet, as well.

The Recover Process

Recover Hoodie

The Enjoy the Ride hoodie by Recover is a classic pullover; definitely campfire approved duds. (photo: Ryan Malavolta/

How do those plastic bottles become a hoodie? Check out the way all of Recover’s products are created:

1. Recycled plastic (PET) is collected and sorted
2. Plastic is cleaned and chopped into flake
3. Flake is pelletized into chips
4. Chip is melted and extruded into new fiber
5. Upcycled cotton scraps are collected and sorted by color
6. Upcycled cotton is blended with recycled plastic to create a new blended fiber
7. Blended fiber is spun into yarn
8. Yarn is knitted into fabric
9. Fabric is cut and sewn into a Recover product

Pretty cool! Sure, it’s great to invest in an up-cycled product, but only if that product can hold its own in the field. I was impressed by both of the Recover offerings I tested.

Enjoy the Ride Pullover Hoodie

Recover Hoodie Graphic

Detail of the graphic work on the Recover hoodie. Enjoy the ride and keep it green, people! (photo: Ryan Malavolta/

I’ve worn this thing almost daily since I got it. No joke. No, Recover has not reinvented the hoodie in some way, but as far as a go-to piece of clothing, they nailed it. No, I would not wear this as a baselayer on my next splitboard tour; but, I will absolutely wear it on my next road trip/campfire hangout/trip to the grocery store/dog walk and one hundred other possible excursions. It’s just that good.

After dozens of washes, the Enjoy the Ride hoodie has held true to its size and shape. My cat lays on it all the time, but I’ve avoided any thread pulls. I’ve sweat into it, spilled beer on it, and had my five-month old puppy jump all over it with dirty paws…recycled plastic bottles sure can take a beating. Strong, ultra-comfy, and a fun graphic on the front; I won’t be needing a pullover for quite some time.

Recover Tube Sock

Recover socks

Usually, cotton socks for hiking or running would be a non starter, but the blend of plastics and recycled cotton make these Recover socks a winner. (photo: Ryan Malavolta/

Don’t let the “tube” throw you off. These are not your dad’s 3-pack, standard white cotton socks. The Recover socks are made via the same process as the other apparel, and the end result is just as cushy. I used these socks under street shoes and hiking boots, during summer and fall outings. They had my feet feeling great every time. Recover has done a great job making sure there is enough breathability in this mid-weight crew sock. Usually, cotton is a no-go when it comes to hiking, but I was able to knock out plenty of comfortable miles with these on. Plus, they got some bonus points for the lime green highlights.

The Good: Recover gear is comfortable, eco-friendly, and tough enough for your next camping trip.

The Bad: Nary a word.

The Verdict: You don’t need to spend like a king to save the planet. Recover gear is 100% up-cycled, feels great, and at $49 for a hoodie, is tough to beat.

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