Gear Reviews

Filson Mackinaw Wool Vest review

The right front pocket is the perfect size to store a flask of whiskey, or maybe a watch on a chain. (Photo: Mason Diedrich)

What was once old is new again. Fashion is absolutely the one aspect in life where this is true, and outdoor apparel is no exception. Take for example, the Filson Mackinaw Wool Vest. It looks like a throwback to a…

Liberty Sequence ski review

The Liberty Sequence are all-mountain skis that, after review, I'd say are Jack of  "All Trades, Master of None." They feature bamboo cores, sidewall construction, Stealth Rocker, and art-museum worthy top sheets. (Photo: Jared Hargrave -

Liberty is a small ski company based in Avon, Colorado. While they are relatively new (they were founded in 2003) they are rapidly growing. Their exclusive use of bamboo cores set them apart from the pack, and successful skis like the…