Oquirrh spring skiing on Lowe Peak

Backcountry ski touring in the Oquirrh Mountains below Rocky and Lowe Peak . (Skier: Jon Strickland. Photo: Jared Hargrave -

The Oquirrh Mountains, Salt Lake City’s “other” range on the west side of the city, is like the redheaded stepchild that gets no love compared to the Wasatch. But despite the range’s confusing access because of an obscene amount of…

Backcountry skiing Lone Peak

The gang ascends the south face of Lone Peak, with Utah Lake and the city far below. (Photo: Mike DeBernardo)

Lone Peak is one of those iconic, Wasatch mountains that just begs to be skied. If you look at her from the south as she rises high above the town of Alpine, gigantic ramps of south-facing slopes call out. Every…