Video: Snowmobile Avalanche Safety

Screen grab from the KSL Outdoors episode about snowmobile avalanche safety with the Utah Avalanche Center.

Did you know that snowmobilers are the most at-risk backcountry user group for avalanche fatalities? With sled technology getting better, which allows easier access to steep slopes, absolutely no snowmobiler who ventures into the backcountry should go without avalanche safety…

Video: One Run with Pep

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa gains air at Alta in an epic POV shot by Pep Fujas at Alta. (Image: Pep Fujas)

Alta is a magnet for some of the best freeskiers in the world. Guys like Pep Fujas and Sage Cattabriga-Alosa have made Alta their home. With so many huge and gnarly ski resorts in North America, why are they in…

The Powder Pilgrimage ski film review

"The Powder Pilgrimage" features backcountry splitboarding, including scenes from British Columbia's interior mountains. (Photo: James Roh)

Ski and snowboard movies are pretty slick these days. High production quality, helicopter footage, and the best skiers in the world shredding big lines is standard fare. So it’s refreshing to see a movie that’s just about two guys loading…